Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fulfilling Dreams

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Pivot and Bella, and our people have dreamed about having us for a long, long time. We are both young puppies, who love to play, explore, follow our people everywhere they go, and invade the most personal of spaces. Here are a few things you should know about us: we are LARGE, as well we should be. After all, we are a great dane and a saint bernard. Our people made the mistake of trying to "free feed" us, and we ate a 40 pound bag of dog chow in about five days. Our people realized that was anything but free and decided to put us on a feeding schedule, measuring our food out according to weight. Speaking of weight, we weigh 57 pounds (for Pivot) and 34 pounds (for Bella) at a mere three months old. We love stuffed animals and things that crinkle, we really like electrical cords, we love chasing our smallest people around (we're so glad that our big people have four small people for us to play with, because play we do!), and we love the oversized chair that our people bought (they must have known we would need a large chair- aren't they sweet?!).

Our owners have told us that we are going to be therapy dogs. We aren't sure yet what that means, but right now it means we have to practice sitting and staying a lot, and we get treats when we do. We're so young that we get easily distracted, though, and our people have to have a lot of patience with us. We've heard our people consulting with puppy trainers, and we will start formal training after the holidays.

When we are certified, we would like to go visit children in hospitals and other facilities. Please check in, because we will be sharing our misadventures in training, in our explorations, in our interactions with people, and in our growth and development.

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