Friday, December 4, 2009

Crate Training a {LARGE} puppy

Last week Pivot turned four months old. He also outgrew his crate. His crate that our full grown collie, Chloe, happily fits into. Ruh-roh. So much debate ensued about how to handle this situation.

The crate training is going extremely well. All three dogs use their crates as their own comfy little den. In fact, two nights ago when Pivot had had enough training, he went and climbed into his crate, knowing once he is cocooned in there, we won't bother him with sitting and staying and giving high fives. And we know that when he is in there for the night, we won't wake up to find he has used our furniture as a chew toy.

We definitely don't want to give this up. But do we go up one size, knowing that in two or three months, we will have to upgrade again? Or do we just bite the big one, and buy the crate that we know will fit him comfortably and reasonably six months down the road?

So we do some measuring. We measure Pivot now. 30" tall. Wait... 30 inches? At four months? But the vet told me last month that Pivot hasn't even hit his growth spurt yet! Surely this is wrong. Measure again. 30".

So I google Great Dane and height. He should be between 20-25" and be between 30-36" at his full grown height. Okay, so maybe my tape measure is wrong. Again. 30"

Wowza. So, we go for the crate that will fit him in six months. Assuming he doesn't get taller than the highest point on the average growth chart that I'm looking at. Assuming he isn't some mutated ninja dane of some sort that consumed massive amounts of super growth hormone while in the womb. Assuming he doesn't grow to be larger than my sofa. Speaking of that, it's hard to type when fingers are crossed. ;)

Here is the result:


  1. OMG I can't believe how sooo full your hands must be- 4 boys, 2 giant dogs, and a wedding to plan!