Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Pawgress" {of four-month-old pups}

The pups continue to grow by leaps and bounds, and continue to make wonderful progress in all aspects of their training.

Bella has started to show her size. When we got her she seemed very small for a saint bernard, and it was especially hard to see the rate of her growth next to her monster brother, Pivot. She is making improvements with potty training, crate training (she never minded the crate, but preferred sleeping outside at night and now enjoys the sanctity of her crate during the wee hours), and with her behavior training. She sits and heels well, and is still practicing stay. She prefers being at your side at every moment! Socialization is easy with her; anyone who will pet her is an instant friend. She has also decided she doesn't mind a bit of pampering now and again.

The trainer we've consulted with directed us on how to help the pups master basic commands before he begins working with them himself. Pivot has done this, and then some. He does the basics on verbal command, and can do most of them with visual (silent) commands, as well. Then he decided, in typical child-like fashion, that he was bored and challenged us to keep him interested. He will sit and lay down, stay in position with distraction and when you leave the room for several minutes, roll over, give high fives, and give love (good old fashioned puppy kisses). Here's a sample of what our pup has been working on:


  1. What A BEAUTIFULLLLL dog Val! Does Kevin want to come train Daisy?? lol

  2. Haha, thanks, Solange! This was after he had already done about 30 minutes of training, so he was tired and started to slip up, like trying to take his treat before he sat down, and getting up before Kevin fully called him, but I'm really proud of both of them!

  3. They are so sweet. I can't resist dogs! It is those damn eyes!